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The Jackson Brothers

“If two unshaven guys walked into your office and said: ” we want to be country singers” would you: (a) show them the door (b) say get real guys or (c) show me what you got. Well I went for (c) as I knew these two brothers from years ago when they were in nappies. So out came the guitars and suddenly the office was filled with this amazing version of a Colin Raye song and the close harmonies made the hairs on my neck stand on end ”


Jackie Conboy ( Real Music Management )


Colin & Darren have playing around Ireland, Holland, England and the USA for the last 15 years both in cover and original bands., Living and working from London but always wanting to return home to Enniskillen, they toured with Simply Red which brought them into venues like Wembley Arena Birmingham Nec and the O2 Dublin to name a few. The two lads always had a love of country music which stemmed from their father who appeared regularly in local venues around Enniskillen so they decided to record an album featuring the close harmonies that only brothers can step was a trip to Portumna, Co Galway and meet Jackie Conboy who tours with Mike Denver and has a management company as well .


After much discussion and debate of what direction to take, a plan was put together.. A good friend of Jackie’s, well known musician in the Irish music scene Frank Downing suggested a number of songs that would suit the brothers and Clancy’s Tavern was the first track they recorded, which was written by Toby Keith, an American politician turned songwriter. Drums , bass steel and acoustic were laid down in Paul Gurneys studio in Longford , fiddle was recorded in Nashville and the rest was recorded, mixed and mastered by Barry Conboy in Ballinakill Studio’s in Co Galway.


Coldhearted is the second single from the Jackson bros, enjoy!!

Coldhearted: Listen to the Jackson Brothers first single: Clancy’s Tavern:
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